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When Mythology Collides

In my work "When Mythology Collides", I explore the transformation of human perception and experience at the moment when myth meets reality. This piece challenges the audience's imagination to enter a fluid, changing world where mythology is not just ancient stories, but a vivid reality.

The choice of a bathroom as the setting is deliberate. As the most private space in daily life, the bathroom symbolizes cleansing and rebirth. With the flow of water, the boundaries of the old self and everyday life blur, providing the perfect backdrop for mystical and supernatural experiences. Here, time and space seem to flow more freely, allowing ancient mythological figures to intertwine closely with modern life through reflections in mirrors and refractions in water droplets.

This work utilizes elements from traditional mythology, weaving them into a modern narrative about identity, existence, and perception. By bringing the power and symbolism of mythical stories into our most mundane spaces, I aim to make the audience feel that these seemingly distant myths are, in fact, around us, impacting our thoughts and emotional states.

"When Mythology Collides" invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world defined by fluidity and transformation, experiencing the creative energy and profound personal change unleashed when myth collides with reality.

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