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Conformity is Infinite  2023

The second part of my project in an installation work that features video clips, social media posts, and online journal I have collected from documentaries, films, and social media all around the world in which people say “I don’t have choice.”  I realized, as I watched many documentaries, that people often will “blame” their past behaviors on the belief that they had no choice. But I question what the opposite of conformity is and whether non-conformity is a kind of freedom that really exists. These documentaries and clips reminded me of moments when I have also felt like I have had no choice but to do something I didn’t want to. After I collected nearly three-thousand pieces about people showing conformity online and on social media, I started to write some poems based on the information I have collected. This second section consists of two distinct elements: a display of Instagram posts related to conformity displayed on an iPhone, and poems about conformity displayed on the wall with accompanying projections.

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