Sentimental Memories

Stack overflow is a video installation featuring a sculpture, animation, and video mapping. My goal is to discuss the relationship between the physical and metaphysical and how we, as humans, react to our contemporary society’s information overload. The three-dimensional cloud represents the space in between where information from our environment and our minds collide. The colorful textured 3d-rendered balls allude to the irresistible; something beautiful in disguise that may be more disturbing or violent underneath its surface. It shows the overloading chaos of data and information that is conjoined with our own state of being. Stack overflow has three parts: how information is received, how we interpret it, and how data overwhelms our minds since the reaction to data is part of the data itself. The longer the video plays, the more the virtual takes over, and the more it reverts to its simple state: data.

The still images directly connect to the video installation. The photographs evoke a similar relationship between the digital data and sentimental memories that are filtered through a digital RGB screen. Being inspired by my own experiences of relying on digital communication to talk to far-away family and friends, each picture represents the idea of memory and emotional response. Digital data and manipulation become a part of the normal experience. Together this work becomes a larger discussion about human consciousness and how it evolves and changes us to become different people within a digital world.