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The third part of the installation is about how conformity works on the internet. As I was researching conformity, I was also looking for the definition of non-conformity. I thought at first that internet is the space where people do not have to conform and can do whatever they want. However, people still have to conform on the internet where their choice are shaped by the options of algorithms.


In some way, dreams and the internet are similar, since they are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents. But even in seeming worlds of limitless possibilities, we still find ourselves conforming to expectations and norms. We conform to the image of success and happiness that society has painted for us. It promises to break down barriers and bring people closer together, yet still, we find ourselves conforming to online personas and the curated versions of ourselves that we present to the world. We conform to the algorithms that control what we see and what we don't, shaping our thoughts and beliefs.

Conformity is infinite Part 3:

Conformity on the Internet

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